Our client portfolio covers a wide range of government and commercial organisations.

The ADAP2 market is any organisations that have high volume transaction systems with existing back end.

Corporate: Banks • Insurance • Hospitals • Distributers • Auto

Service: Airlines • Banking • Financial/Stock markets • Couriers

Retail: Supermarkets • Liquor • Department stores • Online stores

Government: Federal • State • Local

Manufacturing: Baking • Engineering • Pharmaceutical

ADAP2 customers benefit from the knowledge and expertise gained from varied assignments across diverse industries.

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ADAP2 is a wholly Australian-owned company, predominantly developing stand-alone software, plug-ins and applications that work in the real world.

While ADAP2 is a small business, compared to the big players in the industry, ADAP2 is a heavy hitter with a solid reputation for delivering bulletproof software and functionality solutions to our clients.

Over 15 years ADAP2 has grown and pursued the goal to develop software products that enhance and improve clients existing software. Therefore complimenting a client’s decision process, not to mention considerable investment, in choosing the software they believe is the best for their organisation; a fresh change to the usual tactics of developers to only offer completely new, stand-alone software products.

Along with enhancing an organisation’s existing software, ADAP2 is about maximising hardware configurations already used by the client. Better to get more out of existing hardware to handle increasing data traffic than simply spend money on new hardware. This helps ADAP2 customers also save money while increasing speed and efficiency of their systems with a minimum disruption to existing users.

ADAP2 is arguably unique in the industry by creating applications that builds on software already seen in the market place today. ADAP2 is about complimenting considerable technological advances made by other developers and not reinventing any wheels or systems.

The flagship application from ADAP2 is TRANSaction

• After many years of code development and not inconsiderable number crunching the ADAP2 team developed TRANSaction

•The tried and tested core principle software used to best advantage by a blue-chip petro/chemical company for over 10 years.