•Close partnership with any organisations internal development

Appraisal, asset audit and technical consultation
An important part of delivering software to a business is ensuring it improves any given situation. The ADAP2 free appraisal service is designed to look closely at a business and identify the opportunity to best improve the clients existing system. ADAP2 can offer software adapted for a clients but it is vital to look at what the client has, wants and needs and that is why ADAP2 is happy to spend time looking at any system.

Demonstration and testing (TRANSaction)
ADAP2 is willing to put it’s money where it’s mouth is - what software company is willing to guarantee speed gains and cost savings?

As part of the sales proccess of TRANSaction, ADAP2 can provide a testing environement so that a clients (or potential client) technical team can see the TRANSaction software working in real time in the clients working environment. This is a free services and can be part
of the appraisal proccess if appropriate

Support, maintenance and training,
Any client of ADAP2 is assured of quality support from day one.

One example of this is TRANSaction - tested and developed over the past 10 years with a comprehensive, ongoing support and maintenance program.

ADAP2 is well aware that transaction management software is a 24-hour investment and that down time is not acceptable. That is why 24-hour support is available with free 12-hour support as standard (7am-7pm) to all clients.

All clients enjoy a free training program on installation of ADAP2 programs.

•Software development
•Appraisal, asset audit and technical consultation
•Demonstration and testing
•Training, support and maintanance

Software development
Along with the established TRANSaction software, ADAP2 is well on the way to developing unique software that follows the principles: Software designed to maximises and enhance existing software and hardware run
by clients.

ADAP2 is working with established companies and clients to further develop programs designed to work in mission critical environments.

ADAP2 is developing solutions that enable business users to access content from any source, seamlessly delivered to any device, and with minimal disruption to your existing systems.

TRANSaction optimises the way organisations accesses, interacts and exploits faster data transaction options.

The ADAP2 application solutions team use core architecture principles
and methodologies to deliver solutions based on:

•Developing rich internet applications (RIA)

•Building applications that integrate with existing technology
infrastructures to provide the best collaboration and unified communications solutions

•Developing applications specifically for use on mobile devices

•Enabling solutions through the use of web services and SOA

•Optimising existing enterprise architecture (Software and hardware)

•Managing development using proven project management
methodology and proven governance framework