The ADAP2 TRANSaction’s tasks include managing communications, message broking, maintenance of priority queues, transaction persistence, error detection and automatic recovery, dynamic service deployment and decommissioning, workflow monitoring, control and redirection, application hosting, and transaction execution management – all in multi-core, multi-threaded environments across diverse platforms. The ADAP2 TRANSaction also maintains activity logs if required, ensures that management is kept informed of workflow conditions in real time and co-ordinates mirror database and process sites for backup purposes.

This major development from ADAP2 internalise all these interacting functions while reducing visible complexity. In doing so, the ADAP2 TRANSaction achieves enhanced performance, efficiency and reliability, reducing costs and risk, and simplified development processes. And ADAP2 guarantees it can authenticate these claims with real data and, given the opportunity, demonstrate them in your existing system environments.

Now that’s not something you often hear from a system developer.


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Supported platforms
Many organisations provide instant web based access to data and support for customer self-service. And successful organisations constantly look for a better, faster and more cost effective way of transactioning this data.

ADAP2 has developed just such a way. TRANSaction has already proven to work seamlessly with existing hardware, systems and platforms. Guaranteed.

In most cases a system is built, layer upon layer, on a foundation of tried and tested methods. If it works no-one wants to consider starting again, especially not in this dire economic climate. And many developers want a business to change the way they do things or even the way they think about their business. This could be a big risk, not to mention costly if it is not the holy grail promised.

The ADAP2 TRANSaction has been created not only to provide a foundation for continued new development, but also to simply turbo-charge existing systems. Developed on a unique architecture and proven in an actual mission critical environment over ten years, the ADAP2 TRANSaction provides enhanced performance, reliability and flexibility while actually reducing costs. All without re-inventing the wheel.


The ADAP2 approach involved a radical rethink of the architecture of interactive systems. In this new approach, the ADAP2 TRANSaction is not just a tool linking the core building blocks of today’s information systems – web servers, databases and business processing systems – it forms the control centre, directing the flow and execution of transaction requests and responses and optimising the performance of component systems.